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Google’s Real Time Search Posts via #BlogChat

The #blogchat conversation on Twitter has always been good (I’m no regular by any means), but tonight it was screaming! MackCollier layed it out there:  ”Ok let’s go ahead and start tonite’s #blogchat discussing how the new Twitter & Facebook search deals w Google could impact your SM plan” and we were off!

The speed of the tweets is a rush all it’s own.  Many perspectives. All interesting.

Being a full service web design agency here in Memphis, we do a fair amount of Search Engine Optimization work and Google’s news took our wheels into high gear earlier this week.  Not in a totally positive light either.

After tonight’s #blogchat, I was prepping a tweet with the other cool, related posts and found that 140 wasn’t cutting it.

So, I’ve read;

Shannon Paul’s “An Open Letter to Companies on Facebook
On being a Fan of a business on Facebook: “… This does not mean we are friends. It just means that I like your products or services enough to admit it in public.”

Mandy Vavrinacks “Real Time Relevance, the New SEO
One of her points: ““Buzz” has another dimension now. Real time matters because it gives the whole world (well, the whole Google-ized world, anyway) a snapshot of what’s important to EVERYONE, right now.”

James Ball’s “Real Time Search & Social Media: Time Waits For No Man
Favorite line: “…We can’t afford not to have a finger on the pulse here. There will be no playing catch-up with real-time search.”

and our post, LunaWeb’s “Google’s real-time search could turn up the noise on social sites
speaks to how Google enhancement will cause the conversation within social networks to deteriorate.

These are the early days of a very big change that’s going to expand like an explosion happening in slow motion.

Here is Google’s original post “Relevance meets the real-time web.