Food for Thought

reflectionI enjoyed the opportunity to present some concepts and lead the discussion about professional Reputation to local collaborative-think group, Food for Thought. Reputation is a fascinating topic with many perceptions, which made it a great fit for the group. Food for Thought loves a discussion and participation is standard. The people are friendly and entertain a spectrum of thought. It was exhilarating to see an idea grow its way around the room, enabled by polite interaction and a sense of community.
I don’t know if there’s an official implication, but what I’m seeing is a group of people that get together and collectively develop and share their namesake, Food for Thought.

Thanks Kelly Brother, Memphis graphic artist, for the introduction and hospitality.

Apple to Detroit

Last week, Apple’s Tim Cook announced that one of their products would be exclusively produced in the United States. I was more than surprised at this news and deem it lip service on a number of fronts.

Rather than toss-out a bunch of middle-ground supposition on potential options, I’ll go for the extreme:

Apple should move all its product line to Made in USA. Better yet, Detroit, Michigan. Detroit has a heritage of assembly and innovation. Not only should Apple make this move, but it should also encourage it’s competitors to do the same. Not only does Apple have the financial wherewithal to make this manufacturing move, but it can also actively effect education and its emphasis on innovation. Furthermore, Apple already has a “premium” cost structure that’d support the (at this point, marginal) increase in labor costs.

Apple could essentially lead the charge on one of the greatest revitalization stories ever told.