Mowcasts: Geoff Livingston | iPad | James Andrews

On the notes of podcasting, I wanted to elaborate more on a few:

Geoff Livingston: I have great respect for Geoff and first came to know of him back in 2007 when he authored Now is Gone. He was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule and share himself with us here in Memphis in 2008. I admire the hell out the fact that Geoff is in a position to cap his blog and move on (Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow). He states, “I have run out of things to say”.  One of things I love about Geoff is his willingness to be wrong. He goes to write, “Though the pioneering phase is done or may be near done…”. I’m confident he’ll revisit that statement later.  His ultimate post Many Roads Lead to Rome briefly gets into the fact that there is no “right way”, but many. If you don’t follow Geoff, you should consider it. He’s one of those guys way out in front. What the hell did this have to do with PodCasts? A couple of things: The El Show for one (see above), and I didn’t get a clear notion about what Geoff was up to until hearing about on FIR (For Immediate Release by Hobson & Holtz).

iPad: This period of time also represents the release of the iPad and there’s no shortage of discussion about the device.  I purchased on about a week ago and absolutely love it.  Quick notes: It won’t replace your computer. The battery life is amazing. It’s heavy if you’re a wicked lightweight. It sets a bar of greater devices to come. Yes, it’s a bummer that it doesn’t support Flash. It fits wonderfully on the console of an elliptical machine to consume stuff while sweating. The kids fight over it, and two nights ago, Alice for iPad was an interactive family storytime experience that will evolve a new genre of publications we’ve yet to image.

James Andrews: I came to know of James as @KeyInfluencer during the whole FedEx/Memphis debacle. I was admittedly steamed about his comments about Memphis, but then couldn’t hold it against him for airing his thoughts either.  Fast forward to SxSW 2010 where I found myself talking to an interesting guy about shared experiences of elementary schools in the Bay Area during the whole Patty Hearst kidnapping and the “white van” paranoia. It wasn’t until later when sifting through business cards that I saw the twitter handle “keyinfluencer”. His hair now much longer and braided ala Stevie Wonder style. Oh, and James is an African-American.  Wow, I thought, what a nice guy. Fast forward again to the Dishymix episode and hear his side of the story regarding his Memphis comment. It happens that James was reacting to a racist episode he had just experienced in Memphis which led to his comment (which contained nothing about race at all). He’s a co-founder at Be Everywhere and I look forward to my next conversations with him.

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