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My conflict with the Brogan Memphis event: Cost & Billing

I have followed Chris Brogan on Twitter at least a couple of times since 2007. He’s thought provoking and I’ve paid attention to at least one of them resulting in my company’s use of Strengths Finders 2.0. At the last three SxSW’s, I’ve seen him speak solo, speak on a panel, and chatted briefly.  My conflict is in the $75 to hear him (or any one person) speak these days and the billing as “Powering the Conversation”. I may have paid years ago, but then again, it’d have never been billed as “Powering the Conversation” (nor would there be such a fee). He’s obviously meeting a definition of success, and I wish him ultimate happiness with it.

The next time I see Chris will be at a conference of many ideas and people.

If you’re still wondering about Chris, visit his blog at and follow him on Twitter @ChrisBrogan. I also encourage you to search videos via Google.

“Social” is a Philosophy

Looking at Jason Falls’ Blog post about Social Media Wearing Out Its Welcome, you’ll get a sense for the impending doom of the term “Media” falling away from its current friend “Social”.

This disassociation has been afoot sometime and many of us suspected we’d get to this point. Not necessarily because of a bad definition, but more from the vagueness of it all. Social media/networking being one example. Also once you consider the history of online “social” networking you’ll see it’s been around a good long time (even before the Web).
When we established the “Social Media Expedition” we also secured “Social Expedition” as we knew at some point the “Media” would be going away. The seasoned will lead the charge in referring to it as “social” “___ technologies”, “_____ web”, etc…

Thinking deeper about it:

Social whatever is fundamentally a philosophy that, by default, maintains high credibility and respect for the people you serve (not just “customers” or “prospects”).

Something like that… Still thinking on it. What do you think?

One of favorite quotes from the post was “Broadcast Age”. love it!